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This pallet container is a full value container, making it possible to store and transport loose goods, without using euro pallets. It allows for stacking up to three containers (pallet container and the pallet) and reducing to 1/4th the warehouse floor space necessary to store the same quantity of goods. Metal feet allow the container to be lifted up by a fork-lift and also facilitate cleanliness in the warehouse.
During transportation, it is possible to stack two of these containers, one on the other (total height of 1900 mm), allowing for optimal utilization of the vehicle's cargo carrying capacity. A half-open frame on the front wall allows for easy access to the goods stored inside the container. The ability to place substantial loads within a single container means that it is not only useful as a container for loosely packed lightweight goods, but also as a stable system for organizing heavier products within a small amount of floor space, maintaining easiness of their movement. Its small dimensions after folding means that when a container is not being used, it does not take up unnecessary warehouse space.


Standard finish: zinc plated + lacquer.

Technical data: The pallet container is made of steel wires (spot welded mesh). From the top, it is finished with z-profiles. On front side it has a half-opened frame.

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Loading capacity (with equable spreading of the goods):
1 pallet container:1000 kg,
2 pallet containers: 1000 kg+750 kg,
3 pallet containers: 750 kg+750 kg+500 kg,
4 pallet containers: 500 kg+500 kg+500 kg+500 kg.

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Pallet container 1200x800 zinc plated + lacquer 919-350-656

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